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True view traffic is a better trafficexchange than I thought

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True view traffic is a better trafficexchange than I thought  Reply with quote  

True view traffic is a better trafficexchange than I thought

If I had a blog [actually I have one] if I were a bloger

Well I would be modifying my list of favorite traffic exchanges to promote http://www.flalottomagic.net/?sponsor=Z1212

http://www.trueviewtraffic.com/index.php?ref=lovegoesMLM is better than I thought.

I was going to review http://www.trueviewtraffic.com/index.php?ref=lovegoesMLM on


where I re-e-found it.

http://www.trueviewtraffic.com/index.php?ref=lovegoesMLM is a traffic exchange that I joined and forgot about until I re-e-found it on


Had already done my 5 reviews for the day so I decided to surf http://www.trueviewtraffic.com/index.php?ref=lovegoesMLM for my review which didn't get done on http://www.linkreferral.com/adwel.pl?oldrefid=66895 becasue I didn't find it there today.

Anyway, http://www.trueviewtraffic.com/index.php?ref=lovegoesMLM is a tad slow but that may be a good thing!!!!

You see I have earned very few hits on http://www.trueviewtraffic.com/index.php?ref=lovegoesMLM yet someone wrote a review of either http://www.flalottomagic.net/?sponsor=Z1212

Can't remember which on is in rotation there.

My site was out of rotation because I had not reviewed the review of my site.

http://www.trueviewtraffic.com/index.php?ref=lovegoesMLM also has a downline builder for 5 other surfs.

I hope I get proper credit if anyone joins from the downline builder. I had a problem with another deal like this.

Two of the 5 may make my top 10 list
http://hitsafari.com/newuser.php?ref=lovegoesMLM just joined and it's not the easiest to navigate. Jurry is still out.

http://www.linkcrews.com/index.php?id=3709 got me started back up on my latest Traffic Exchange Binge.

http://www.ilovehits.com/?rid=63910 is popular and I've promoted it on a few forum post because of the love theme(sp?)

Shan's top 10 traffic exchange list

#1 http://www.linkreferral.com/adwel.pl?oldrefid=66895

#2 http://www.trueviewtraffic.com/index.php?ref=lovegoesMLM
for as little as I've used it--it seems to be effective

#3 TBA

#4 TBA

#5 TBA

#6 TBA

#7 TBA

#8 TBA

#9 TBA

#10 TBA

Non promotional Facebook Jail regular forum inquiry
Promotional post in advert section for new Facebook group for those building a downline
Post Fri Oct 20, 2006 10:42 pm
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A Traffic Exchange is a great alternative for driving more traffic to your website. Basically you gain more exposure for your own website using banner ads text links by viewing the ads for other people's websites.
Post Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:27 pm
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