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401k Information Center

The 401k plan is a popular retirement savings option for millions of working Americans. Whether you need information on contribution limits, 401k rollovers, catch-up payments or early withdrawal penalties we have straight-forward 401k information for you here, in our 401k info center...
What is a 401k?
Learn all the basics of 401k retirement plans: What is it? How does it work? Who can participate?

401k Calculators
Check your progress on saving for retirement to see how much you will have, or find out how much you need to have.

401k Contribution Limits
Contributions to your 401k account are limited, but the limits have been going up in recent years, see the current limits for this year.

Your 401k Advisor
Your 401k plan administrator provides knowledgable advisors if you have questions.

401k Rollover
Want more flexibility in your investing options, or maybe your old 401k plan will be closing and must find a new one?

401k Early Withdrawals
It may be possible for you to remove all or a portion of your 401k money before retirement, but will it be worth the price?

401k Loans
If you're in a financial bind you might consider borrowing from your own 401k funds if your plan allows it. Learn about the pros and cons of loaning money to yourself.

401k Catch-up Payments
Nearing retirement but need to maximize your 401k savings? You might be able to make catch-up payments.

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