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Do you know how much you plan to spend on Christmas gifts?
posted by: dozulu @ Mon Nov 23, 2015 12:36 am
Well, I am curious how others handle the holiday gift expenses.

Do you budget way in advance?

Do you go for Black Friday deals?

Do you spend now and weep in January?

Do you have us all beat by completing all your holiday gift buying by Labor Day?

What is your spending plan this year?
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> Do you know how much you plan to spend on Christmas gifts?

Lifetime Annuity and my 401k
posted by: mikita21 @ Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:13 am

I have recently read a book by Tom Hegna, who writes at great length about the value of a lifetime income annuity. My question is this: is it a wise thing to withdraw from my 401k and purchase the lifetime income annuity? I am soon to be 63 and would plan to immediately draw from the lifetime income annuity. I am still working full-time and plan to do so until age 66.

Also, are there tax liabilities to withdrawing from my 401k like this?

I greatly appreciate any and all advice. Thank you in advance.

Comments: 9 :: Read More >> Lifetime Annuity and my 401k

Free Trail on Commodity Tips
posted by: bourseindia @ Sat Nov 07, 2015 9:59 am
BourseIndia is a Stock Advisory company in Indore which provides financial services and researched trading calls in Stock and Commodity Market. You can try our 2 days free trial in trading calls in Commodity and Stock market.

Visit http://www.bourseindia.com/free-trial for Free Trail
Comments: 0 :: Read More >> Free Trail on Commodity Tips

Need Financial Advice: No Job, Student Loans, but 401K
posted by: gradstudentwoes @ Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:51 am
Hello. I'm Jack, a first time poster to this forum. Thank you all for this wonderful resource. I had a question and was wondering if I could ask you all for advice.

I just graduated from Graduate School in Social Work as a second career late in my life. My previous career was in Finance.

My problem is: I am now $150 K in debt. I have yet to find a paying job. But I have a 401K and Roth IRA combined worth $100K. (About $50K a piece). My savings is low ($10K).

My loan repayment is coming up, and I'll need to be able to pay $5K / month....
Comments: 4 :: Read More >> Need Financial Advice: No Job, Student Loans, but 401K

Second rental or pay off first mortgage
posted by: koa @ Tue Nov 03, 2015 3:49 pm
First some background on myself. I'm 24 grossing 50k (42 from work+8.4k from rental) I live at home still and pay no rent. I have a car payment and the mortgage from the first rental. I paid 23k (valued at 39) for the rental, earning 700 a month. I still owe about 18k on it and 15k for the car. I plan to pay off the car by the end of this winter. As of now I have about 1500 extra at the end of my expenses each month. Once I pay off the car that will be near 2k a month. I also have proper cushion in case of the unforeseen for about 3-5 months. N...
Comments: 3 :: Read More >> Second rental or pay off first mortgage

Need Ideas for SEO work for my employees to do.
posted by: Oliversmith901 @ Tue Nov 03, 2015 7:25 am
If your employees don't have any knowledge or experience in SEO field, than it'd be great for the to learn. But in addition to it you can tell them to write some articles including keywords for your site (or blog if you have). Also they can submit your website to different directories or catalogs.
Comments: 3 :: Read More >> Need Ideas for SEO work for my employees to do.

Need help understanding a budget.
posted by: poorhouse84 @ Mon Nov 02, 2015 9:21 pm

I have some questions about help with understanding a budget. I found this message board and figured you all might be able to help.

I've been on and off trying to do a personal budget since about 2008. I have never been successful in fully implementing one. I know this is the key to gaining control of my money. My wife and I were talking the other night and we want to finally sit down and do this. In short, we face the same problems that many others do, in that we live week to week, frequently come up short, and are always having...
Comments: 14 :: Read More >> Need help understanding a budget.

Retirement Advise
posted by: justin559 @ Sun Nov 01, 2015 4:14 pm
I wanted to start off and say hello, and thank you for your guys help.

I'm 24 making roughly 65k a year in California.

I currently do not own a home or have any debt besides 2k in a student loan.

I have a ROth IRA that was a rollover from a previous employer through vanguard ( about 3200)

Im enrolled through a pension from the state that I have roughly 10k in ( about 7k from this year)

and a 401k with about about 2000 ( investing 6% at 56000; figured 10k would go to pension/year)

My question is I know I am not investing enough...
Comments: 5 :: Read More >> Retirement Advise

Company Financial Trouble
posted by: accounting @ Sat Oct 31, 2015 8:17 pm
I joined a company 2 months ago as their Controller and it was apparent they were in trouble the moment a stepped in the door (funny, nothing about it came up in the interviews). They maxed out a 100K line of credit a year and a half ago and took out a 30K loan with an alternative lender 3 months before I arrived. Despite the loans, they are still in trouble, they are 90+ days with most of their vendors and making payroll is tight. They produced a loss the last two fiscal years, this year will present a profit of 50K. What are the odds we ca...
Comments: 1 :: Read More >> Company Financial Trouble

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