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Paid Online Surveys
Paid Online Surveys
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Penny for your thoughts? How about $10? How about $100? It's possible with online surveys.

Online surveys are becoming a popular way for companies to get feedback from regular people in order to compete effectively in the market place. Whether it is ascertaining consumer trends or getting feedback on a particular type of product, surveys allow them to get the information they need. They desire this information so much that they are willing to pay people to take a survey.

More and more people are taking advantage of the ability to participate in online surveys for extra cash, some even have made a decent living doing nothing but surveys for a few hours each day from home.

Online focus groups are like surveys except that they take place at a specific time, and participants communicate directly with companies via a chat-like system so they pay even more than surveys.

Getting started is easy, there are lots of websites that can provide a list of companies where people can get signed-up for surveys and focus groups, however they often will charge a fee to provide this list. It is possible to find lists of these companies without paying, although this may take a bit more time to locate.

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