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Create a Free Webik account (like paypal) and get paid.

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Create a Free Webik account (like paypal) and get paid.  Reply with quote  

Important notice for all those partaking in the 5 or six dollar letter!

If your involved in either one of these pyramid programs...STOP!

Its not that the program doesnt work. Rather that it is overly saturated and too
widespread. The facts are that if you are getting involved in these boards right now
means that it's not likely you'll see anywhere near $20K. It's not that $20K
is impossible, but rather that you will not achieve it by posting to 200 message boards.
In fact, you may find that your post/letter comes a dime a dozen and the odds of your
hitting any paydirt are relatively slim to none. But the program did work...
way back when it started! But its success was based on two factors that no longer exist.

[Pyramid Scheme Text Deleted]

Post Tue Mar 16, 2004 6:17 pm
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