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Money Talk Rules and Info

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Money Talk Rules and Info  Reply with quote  

Welcome to Money Talk

Our mission is to provide the best public forums for money talk and financial discussion.

We invite seekers of knowledge and experts in all fields of finance to take advantage of our financial forums to learn and share.

Personal promotions are welcome, but only in designated areas.


This thread contains the most up-to-date forum rules, and is prominently posted as an annoucement at the top of every forum. It details the rules that members agreed to at registration. (You did read them, right?! Very Happy ) Ignorance is not an excuse.

Posting Rules

In order to keep our forums civil, organized and free of spam, we ask that members read and follow these guidelines.

  • Promotion of your business, email, website or opportunity is only allowed in your profile, signature and in new posts in the Business Offers or Money Making Opportunities forums which will require $3.00 of Forum Cash. (See below for details on Forum Cash). In all other forums, posts that have no purpose other than to display a link, to promote, or to solicit, may be deleted.

  • Affiliate Links are only allowed in your signature (set in your profile) and in new posts in the Money Making Opportunities forum. Out-of-place affiliate links will be edited. Threads may be removed.

  • Cross Posting by posting the same message in multiple forums is spamming and annoying. Duplicate posts will be deleted in all locations.

  • Dead Thread Revival by posting to an archaic topic that has seen no activity in several weeks is not good etiquette and any such posts will be removed.

  • Respect your fellow posters.

  • All posts should be English.

  • Also, please, no gambling or c*sino related posts, links or promotions of any type.

Spam Policy

As our financial community is burdened daily with fraudulent offers and get-rich-quick schemes we have a strict policy of removing spam and banning those that ignore our common-sense rules.

Failure to follow our forum rules, or posting any of the following forbidden promotions will result in the post being deleted, or edited and moved to the spam forum. The member will be banned immediately if they have contributed only the spam, if a decent member makes a mistake we may let that go with a warning. Those here only to spam their offer should not register.

Private message spamming should be forwarded to me. PM spammers will be banned.

Forbidden Promotions

Money Talk is for serious discussion of money and money making. None of these known scams and sources of spam may be posted, promoted or linked to in any way (including signatures and private messages).

  • Pyramid Schemes are expressly forbidden in all forms.

  • Matrix Sites are automated pyramid schemes and are forbidden.

  • Doublers are automated pyramid schemes and are forbidden.

  • Randomizers are automated pyramid schemes and are forbidden.

  • HYIPs are mostly blackbox pyramid schemes and are forbidden.

  • Envelope Stuffing is a pyramid scheme variation and is forbidden.

  • Paid to Search schemes are forbidden.

  • Ad Placement is a pyramid scheme variation and is forbidden.

  • Currency Exchanges are often scams and may not be posted.

  • Mystery Offers with no or little details are not allowed.

  • Begging Requests are strongly discouraged.

Forum Cash

Members with quality posts can earn credits towards free advertising just by participating in our forums with Forum Cash.

For Webmasters

Please be sure to check-out and take advantage of these great resources for webmasters...

  • Trade links with us in our Financial Directory, even if your website isn't money or webmaster related we can squeeze you in. Our directory provides direct links for passing Google PageRank.

  • Our Banner Exchange is a great way to get free targeted exposure for your website across our growing network of members. You can also earn extra advertising credits with our Forum Cash program.

  • Be sure to see our The Web for Profit forum for marketing, SEO and other topics to help you with your online business.

  • Also, see our Resources for Web Promotion thread for more information about free promotional opportunities at Money Talk.

Financial Experts

If you are a certified financial professional or a career expert in investing or credit offering regular advice in our forums, we can assist you with an array of free advertising options and marketing advice for your online presence. Contact us for details.

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This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.
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