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Hello Everyone:

I found a new opportunity in my surfing efforts. If you could click on the URL listed below, I would really appreciate it.


This site is free and you get credits for the amount of advertisements you are willing to read. You get .80 credits for every advertisement and they come every 25 seconds. In two days I have accumulated almost 500 credits by myself, without any referrals. If I get referrals, they will accumulate that much faster. In order for you to receive any benefit you have to have 5000 credits which equal 30 cents. In order to cash out you have to have at least 15000 credits or $3.00. It doen't cost anything (unless you want to pay to advertise and build your credits faster). Whoever thinks this might be worthwhile, please join me by clicking on the link above.

Thanks for your support

JBendar Wink
Post Sun Apr 18, 2004 9:13 pm
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