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CrazBux! Earning cash is that easy! ^^ up to $2 daily, Legit

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CrazBux! Earning cash is that easy! ^^ up to $2 daily, Legit  Reply with quote  

CrazBux is a new PTC site. Just launched around 3 days ago.

I'd like to introduce it here and I'm looking for referrals. It'd be much appreciated if you guys who are interested could sign up with my referral link. Thanks!

~Every Sunday Cashouts will unlock (No Requirements)
~The first 5-10 Members to cash out will receive their money via alertpay/paypal
~Members who do not cash out in the 5-10 range will receive their Balance back and are allowed to try again next Sunday
~Members are broken up by membership. So there will be 20-40 winners every week 5-10 from each membership option.
~Most Referrer for that week will also be allowed to cash out.

New Rates:
~Please check the memberships tab to see the rates corresponding with your membership.
~Free members can get around $1,5 to $2,2 Daily!

Check it out !! You won't regret Razz

Feel free to register with or without my refferal ^^


Want to earn some fast cash? Join CrazBux clicking the image below!! (Feel free to don't use me as refferal ^^)

Post Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:11 pm
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Thanks for this post... I think it's good
Post Wed Sep 21, 2011 6:26 am
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