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Spear Publications offers a wide varitey of financial news letters for every type of trader. We produce daily, weekly, and monthly publications to serve any trader with their own specific trading schedule. Mr. Spear analyzies patterns in the market, makes stock picks and comments on the economy to help inform and guide readers to successfull trading. We are offering free trials, this gives you a chance to try out our publications before you buy.

His products include:

The Spear Report which is a weekly publication, updated each Friday. This publication offers and overview of the economy, what we think will happen next, and how to trade it.

Website link: http://www.spearreport.net/

Free Trial: http://www.spearreport.net/free-trial.htm

The Spear Report Pro follows the same general idea of The Spear Report, the only difference is that this publication is published more frequently. The Spear Report Pro is a daily publication designed for more aggressive traders.

Website Link: http://spearreportpro.com/

Free Trial: https://www.spearreportpro.com/order/pro/

Spear's ETF Analyst is one of the hottest products out now. Mr. Spear publishes once a week and makes five ETF picks each week, each pick receives 20% of the portfolio. The following week those ETF's are sold and a new set of five ETF's are purchased. Over the past 15 months we have experienced a 231% gain!

Website Link: http://www.spearsetfanalyst.com/

Free Trial: http://www.spearsetfanalyst.com/free-trial.htm

Spear's Security Industry Analyst is a monthly publication which focuses on Homeland Security, Traditional Defense, and Strategic Resources. Professionals and sophisticated individual investors who want specialized recommendations in these areas rely on us for the best political and economic analysis in the industry.

Website Link: http://www.securityindustryanalyst.com/

Free Trial: http://www.securityindustryanalyst.com/free-trial.htm

With Day Trader Hotline, our purpose is to teach and demonstrate day trading strategies that do not require deep knowledge, vast experience, expensive software, or exotic and complicated investment instruments, and which minimize the high risk that is always involved in day trading. We believe our techniques can be mastered successfully by the average frequent-trader with the minimum $25,000 account required by SEC regulations for day trading, and for whom a day trading strategy and its attending risks are appropriate.

Website Link:http://www.daytraderhotline.com/

Free Trialhttp://www.daytraderhotline.com/node/1268

If you have any questions please feel free to message me on here, email us, or call us.

Email: customerinfo@spearfinance.com
Phone: (860) 242-2111

Thanks and good luck
Post Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:41 pm
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Thanks. I'm fond of learning about stock and commodity trading.
Post Sat Jul 02, 2011 2:27 am
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