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How QR Codes Valuable to Real Estate

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How QR Codes Valuable to Real Estate  Reply with quote  

QR Codes are a technological innovation that is the whole world excited real estate business.

While everyone is saying that we need to use QR codes, there is a very small number of resources that really show the best and effective method of using QR codes in real estate.

And that's why we're here, we want to show and discuss among the best application of this new technology in marketing your real estate business.

Similar to social networks like Facebook and microblogging sites like Twitter, or blogs, and mobile video and many other technologies that can create a huge buzz; some users are familiar with this fast and eventually pick up fee market. While some may fail yet will continue to use because other promoters are thought to be successful in your account. Below is my review of the useful ways to use QR codes in real estate today. I am not assuming that these are only available forms only, so I'd love to hear your creative ideas and comments?

Before starting the list, here's a brief note on the QR code. A QR code is a simple image with a link in a website that brings consumers on a journey that goes beyond the paper printed on it, of course, when a code is scanned by a mobile device. One of the most important advantages for the analysis of the code is being followed, so the return on investment, literally, easy to identify what is important for high-level dealers. I think when you are going to use QR codes, you must remember two things:

1. The website your mobile device turns its consumption is highly optimized for mobile phones, mainly for a better viewing experience. With this in mind, I suggest popular sites that use three strategies covering all five years.

This website allows you to create a mobile version of its website and still have all the information of the property according to your preference, usually including price, photos and contact details, of course.

The following is the QR code QR Orange tracking. Like any other similar QR Code generation and tracking services, Goo.gl any change in the shorter URL, so it's best to use a QR code, and what is more - you have the tracking feature scans.

The third in the list is YouTube that is well optimized for mobile viewing and allows you to bring a new QR code marketing component - and that is the use of video.

In other words to make it easier, when I suggest a particular video, as the landing page, just head to YouTube, copy the URL of the video, and have reduced to Goo.gl qr code generator.

2. This is a modern technology; rapidly changing (was online stores like Best Buy, and places such as public transport, or even hospitals lately?) That requires further explanation and not only put an icon in strange-looking print marketing. Each time you use a QR code on marketing materials, make sure you have a notice printed in small print but still readable and explains to potential customers that their use requires an application available for download on their respective app stores, of for free. It is also important to consider providing additional shortened URL just below the QR code is essential for users who are new to QR codes and no one knows exactly how to use still have the option of typing the URL shortened in the usual way. Online services such as Google Vyoo. it and generate a shortened URL with the QR code that makes it easy to do.

And now here are the forms useful if you want to incorporate QR codes in real estate:

1. Posters - In my opinion, using QR codes on posters is the most obvious use, and here comes Vyoo.it very useful. Consumers prefer to receive more information as much as possible before giving the sales person a call. By placing a QR code right into pilot signal; you'll instantly give all necessary information about the property to prospective buyers, leading to find homes to purchase.

Prices, pictures and information within the community are generally the things that a signal can not offer lawn and through the use of a QR code that are very giving the buyer what you need when you want. I know some real estate agents argue that almost no desire to call and as needed and all that information disclosed through the QR code in the signal. And I would agree with them. People work with people they like, I like it even more if you give them a reason to stop and hide information that simply can be obtained even without you. Again, follow the rules discussed above to further explain the technology and provide an alternative URL in the corridor of signs.

2. Business Cards - Another no-brainer in my opinion, however I see that some agents screw this king. If I had to guess most of the agents can place a QR code on your card that will result in a web site where it is then exactly the same information regurgitated card.

The focus should be. Record a video and upload it to YouTube which is 100% clear that customers have their business card and scan it. Then use Orange QR to monitor QR codes

For example, the video starts with you saying: "Thank you for taking the time to scan the QR code on the back of my card, it was great meeting you ..." Here are some other social networking sites as their Facebook page, blog or Twitter account to let them know you want to connect to where they want to connect.

In the video, text scaling sure all other URLs that were relevant to mention that when the time comes they decide to buy or sell, I hope you remember that leverage the latest technology both offline and online!

3. Direct Mail - ROI tracking through the mail now is actually very easy when using QR codes. If you do alone or sent to mobile site optimized for the new list. If you want to create new business prospects and may also consider creating a video that is specific to the mail campaign plan as the business card above.

For example, you are sending to Cypress Creek ... video begins with "The village is one of the things I like about working in the area of ​​Cypress Creek ..." So obviously, you know that when it comes time to list, working with a Realtor who uses the latest online and offline marketing is worth your time. Include pictures and video around to really give a local feel hyper. Again, give them all the contact information, social media in the video URL and in the same mail.

4. Property Flyers - Taking into account all the information about the list is on the steering wheel in front of them I think this is another opportunity to use video, if you have a complete video tour of the house on the link to YouTube. If they do an Animator video or make a slide show then upload to YouTube and link to it.

If you are not comfortable with the video and then link to a Vyoo. Listing of the page where you can see photos and additional information that would not fit in a one-page brochure. I walked past 1000 real estate office and saw that none of them taking advantage of this idea which again seems to fall into the classification breeze.

5. Your Vehicle - Listen here. I surveyed our fan on Facebook back to try and identify the number of those who use the contact information and the domain name on your journey. It seemed as if most of the participants do, and what is said, which still has some idea of ​​how many agents thought of taking to the next level and actually attach a QR code with your car? You'd be surprised that none of them! But of course I can be wrong.

The strategy includes the QR Code is similar to the card. Once again, the state in the video that is linked to that seen taking the time to scan the QR code on your vehicle and if you are looking for a sales high technology to help them with their needs for buying or selling are the one to contact when they are ready.

An additional incentive is that if you swap the current head shot that is in the window of his Camry that have made the world a better place!

So these are useful ways is to use QR codes for real estate. If you agree with this and if you learned something new from other sources, of course, let us know via the comments section. I reiterate that I am sure there are more uses for QR codes in the business of real estate marketing, and of course I love to listen and learn from each one of them. I feel good here, the list is among the list more precise and strategic guidance can be found on the Internet.
Post Fri Dec 09, 2011 6:31 pm
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QR codes present a great opportunity to bridge offline marketing efforts with the online presence for the company. It enables businesses to track and promote their products in an easy and expedient manner. Online marketers can use QR codes to promote certain downloads, sales, and promotional items targeted to their niche market.
Post Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:03 am
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What's QR stand for?
Post Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:01 pm
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Originally posted by oldguy
What's QR stand for?

QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. It is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode.
Post Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:54 am
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The fact remains that QR codes do represent a true opportunity to minimize offline marketing tactics along with online presence for the organization.
Post Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:47 am
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Thanks for the tips. This is some good information useful for other marketing venues beside Real Estate. I happen to own several mobile ready websites and use QR Codes to bring visitors there.

A Unique Twist on Traffic Exchanges
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Post Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:31 pm
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They help a lot because, you don't have to search in the internet for anything and just have to scan the code it automatically takes you to the site or info that is linked.
Post Tue Feb 26, 2013 8:56 am
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