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Real Estate Investors: Please Read- Looking for Deals?

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Real Estate Investors: Please Read- Looking for Deals?  Reply with quote  

For close to a Year now, I have been working on a Strong Network for Great Estate deals with Equity and have access to properties frequently in the DFW area.

However I can ask around the US in my Network who often shoot me deals in their area. One of my first contacts and has purchased 20+ properties in a short period with this program has recently asked me to help Assist him in his company's program that is Phenomenal and takes all the stress and worry out of being a successful investor. This is legit, Licensed One Stop Shop for Real Estate Investors. Please read below for more information.

Starting immediately, I will consistently have access to 30-40 SFR's (& growing) every month for Investors between 100k & 200k and have equity in them. They are cash-flow properties in appreciating and developing areas that are perfect for holding in the Sub-Prime fiasco. They are well structured deals that are formulated to work with a proven track record. Also included but optional is a licensed one stop shop tenant locating/screening, property management, brokers and everything A-Z for Investors. So, once the deal is closed, everything can be put on auto-pilot. If a tenant is not placed into the property by the first due date, it will be paid.

If anybody thinks they may be interested in Cash-Flow deals or knows anyone, please reply now or even down the road. An average Investor has eventually bought 20-30 props in this program, so it may be worth checking out.

Take Care,

Greg Ivey
Post Mon Apr 02, 2007 12:32 am
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