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A better class of spam

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A better class of spam  Reply with quote  

This post is, as requested, a better class of spam

A great site if you are angry about your investments is http://www.theangryinvestor.com

Alternatively, there's http://www.thesharetrader.co.uk for UK stock market discussion
http://www.thecashquestion.com/forums for UK personal finance, banks and building society info and discussion
http://www.theangryinternet.com for UK Internet services.

Or if you have just had enough, go fishing at the world's best land-based fishing location http://www.steeppoint.com

This particular better class of spam was brought to you by Simply-Info - all the news from all the world: http://www.simply-info.co.uk for the UK and Europe, or http://www.simply-info.com for the USA, Canada and Mexico.

I thank you. Very Happy
Post Thu Dec 04, 2003 10:52 pm
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