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I've used some cool products...but this takes the cake!!

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I've used some cool products...but this takes the cake!!  Reply with quote  

It's interesting what surfaces when you ask the universe for what you want. I was trying to get organized financially...you know what I mean. Wanting to know where I was financially at any given moment...(that fell apart years ago when I got carbon checks and forgot to budget my money and used the balance in my checkbook for making ANY FINANCIAL DECISION!! ARGGHH)

And look what I found....a budgeting system that pays my bills automatically, tells me EXACTLY what I need to get out of debt in 10 years instead of 30 on the exact same payment (truly unbelieveable, I had to see it to believe it!) and one of the best things is that there is NO DATA ENTRY after the initial setup. The dang thing follows my spending automatically (I must admit that sometimes I hate it when I buy too many clothes and my husband finds out!!!!) All my American Express, Visa, debit card transactions and checks are in the portal every morning waiting for me to disposition it.

anyways, it's something worth sharing and so I thought I would. if you want to know more, let me know and I can hook you up with the person that told me about it.

Free Financial Analysis

~Learn how to take your 30 year debt plan (mortgage, cars & credit cards) to 10 years or less on the SAME MONTHLY PAYMENT!!
~Learn how to save thousands and thousands of dollars in mortgage interest
~Get on the RIGHT side of interest and start earning it instead of paying it.
~Automate the process of debt reduction so that you don’t stop after a few months.

Complete Online Personal Budget Management Tools

~Access all of your personal financial and budget information at anytime, from anywhere
~Automatically retrieve and track all of your transactions
~Always know how much you have left to spend and know how long it has to last
~Quickly eliminate existing debt by using the debt roll-down method
~Successfully use credit cards without increasing debt. Set aside money in advance of spending requirements
~Easily save money for unexpected expenses, including emergencies

Automatic Transaction Retrieval
~Get all your transactions from all your online banks and credit cards, and see them all in one place, at anytime
~All of your current transactions will be there waiting for you anytime you log in
~Never worry about manually tracking your expenses again (YESSSS!!!!)
Full Featured Online Bill-Pay
• Make payments to anybody!
• Up to 20 payments/month including postage (save up to $7.40 in postage)
• Save time and avoid late fees
• Never miss a payment again
• Easily set up automatic and recurring payments
Net Worth Tracking
• Track IRAs, 401(k), stocks, mutual funds, and even your mortgage
• Eliminate the hassle of checking each account separately
• Summary page allows you to see your complete financial picture in one quick snapshot
Post Wed Jun 29, 2005 3:16 am
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