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Strategy with $200k to begin Real Estate investing Journey

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Strategy with $200k to begin Real Estate investing Journey  Reply with quote  

Hi there,

I am so excited and ready to begin my real estate journey and very happy to have found this community. I have saved up $200k that I am ready to invest with the goal of being able to leave my job so i can begin a new career risk free as a therapist/healer. I live in SF and have begun making relationships with property managers, contractors, agents and lenders. My hope is that I can learn if my goal is reachable and how you would play things out in this situation. Looking forward to it!

Current Situation:

30 years old

$275k/yr income

$3k month rent (option to move home to be rent free)

$200k to invest in real estate


$5k/month cashflow to quit job in 4 years or less

Ask: Is my goal reachable? What strategy would you implement with this situation?
Post Thu May 21, 2020 2:23 am
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