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Emporium - A worthy Blockchain powered platform

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Emporium - A worthy Blockchain powered platform  Reply with quote  

Hello everyone,

I am currently taking a look at EMPORIUM, a platform that wants to make venture capital backed investments tradable for everybody. I really like the idea and I think this is the only platform that is doing that based on blockchain technology.

Emporium is basically a blockchain powered platform where investors interested in the venture capital market can register to start trading on a stock exchange like marketplace. The platform provides a host of financial benefits and cutting edge features to enable users to master the art of professional trading.

As of now, the venture capital market is as they say static and private investors can not tap into that market unless they are willing to invest a couple hundred thousand dollars and even if you are able to invest that kind of money you can not simply sell your assets. You have to wait till the next investment round or till they make an exit or IPO, if at all. Thus I think this is really worth taking a look at and an approach that really has the potential to change the whole market.

The ICO investors profit in multiple ways and I really think this will go through the roof.

In any case, I think it something worth taking a look at! http://emporium.vc/
Post Sun Feb 17, 2019 9:28 pm
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To be honest, I can't stand such articles, They advise something basic. In my opinion, the most relevant sphere now is blockchain and ICO. It is rapidly developing. All the information I check from icopulse.com
Post Sun Mar 10, 2019 8:35 pm
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