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Where to get started with finances and have a good plan?

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Where to get started with finances and have a good plan?  Reply with quote  

So, I'm a teen currently and I really am not sure where to start. In saving up for my first car I realized how complicated finances are. People always say do what you love but to me if I take a hobby I love and make it a career then that just makes me not enjoy it as much.

Anyhow, how does one get started in business and making profit? I have a background in computers and plan to go to college majoring in a computer related subject not sure which yet, minoring in some sort of engineering and also financing. Now I don't know much yet but that's why I'm here.

My poitn is I have an expensive hobby I wanna get into, cars, and cars are no investment seeing as they depreciate over time. So I'd like to focus on getting comfortable financially first then maybe having some little money for hobbies, yes I'm trying to plan early.

My plan is to go to college for those three things, get a job in IT, invest in things on the side preferably stock market and make more and more money over time.

My point is, finances are confusing, but I wanna be successful in them , how does one ease themselves into this without getting too stressed by it? Sorry for the bad post not sure how to word this.
Post Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:45 am
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Invest the salary in a personal pension fund, shares, bonds and real estate. And by the age of 60, you can ride your favorite cars.
Post Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:47 pm
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