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please, help me in article!!!!

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please, help me in article!!!!  Reply with quote  

i need help. I´m brazilian and i am writting an article that discusses financial education. I am not good on english language. Please, can you help with translation??? I am send the abstract of article and you change the wrong words and wrong phrases or sentences for me. Can you do it, please??? is just some lines of words
here it is:

This article discusses the need for financial education for a better life planning, both for retirement will with the total number of working years elapsed as to the financial independence. The focus of the article are the psychological aspects of the individual, which, through a modification of beliefs, can develop financially and does not need to work as a generator of income, creating more freedom in their decision making on labor issues, family, activities social and sports, and living with friends and family. They were related published studies by psychologists using cognitive and social approach, financial educators, and professionals who live in the market of financial assets and spend their vast years of experience to readers. The objective of this article is to help the individual will expand their financial vision as one of the pillars of life are the finances and make the study within this area become more rational use and thinking about money, increasing their autonomy within that area .

Keywords: Financial education; Financial independence; Financial Psychology; Quality of life.

It will help me a lot. Please!!!
Post Tue Aug 02, 2016 3:11 am
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