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My work is forcing us to switch to Global Cash Card?

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My work is forcing us to switch to Global Cash Card?  Reply with quote  

Recently a notice was posted at my work stating that we are switching to a prepaid card called Global Cash Card to get paid. This would automatically deposit cash onto this card. I was not too fond of this when I first saw it, so I started to look things up about it. It does not allow me to have checks, which is the primary way I use to pay rent and other bills. I would then be forced to take out cash, but there is no ATM that allows me to take out cash around me without a charge on my account. There are also a lot of small fees that could add up. I have direct deposit to my bank account, and it is a bank I really like. So if I am forced to get this card, it seems like my checking would be useless.
If something I said is wrong, feel free to correct me. I was just wondering if forcing me to get this prepaid cars was allowed or if I am able to fight it somehow and keep have it get direct deposited in my account. Also, if there is any advice you guys could give me, it would be greatly appreciated!
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Post Thu Jun 16, 2016 7:23 am
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From what I've read it looks legit. Not saying I've participated before, but it seems as though it's a visa or mastercard, where your paycheck is deposited immediately and your allowed to transfer money, check balances and withdrawl money from atm's worldwide. I'm not seeing a fee for the use, but you would want to check with Visa or Mastercard. It also looks like there is an app for your smartphone that allows you to do transfers and balance checks. Sounds like it's hassle free and paperless. Let us know how is it goes.

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Post Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:08 pm
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