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Nominations for the STUPIDEST use of money.

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Nominations for the STUPIDEST use of money.  Reply with quote  

I could not stand it any longer. Had to start this thread. I am sure others have these stories to tell.

My sister in law, 78, on a small SS income, in subsidized housing, announced that she was going to begin spending $80 a month on a cat manicure at the vet. Not nail trimming, oh no, she is going to have rubber claw tips put on her cat....you can even paint them, like real fingernails!

It took everything in me to keep my fave straight and not explode about how incredibly STUPID it is to use a small subsistence income this way.

Feel free to contribute your own stories.
Post Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:28 pm
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I've got one for you:

My grandpa passed away 2 years ago. With his death went his hefty pension (no survivorship rights), leaving my grandma with 1200/mo in SSI benefits in an extremely expensive market. Their home is paid for, fortunately, but has $400/mo in HOA dues (senior community). She has chosen to finance a brand new, very expensive vehicle at a payment of $500/mo, leaving her with just $700 per rmonth to pay for gas, insurance, groceries, dues, etc. She's 80 now and complains that she's missing out on her family's milestones (we all live out of state which requires her to drive 8-10 hours). Weddings, births, college graduations, etc.. all made extraordinarily difficult/impossible due to relatively poor life planning, budgeting, and car financing.
Post Mon May 23, 2016 8:46 pm
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