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Technological improvemnt to the processor

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Technological improvemnt to the processor  Reply with quote  

Allright we use silicon wafers for processors

Now Quartz Crystal is silicon and it also has a latice structure..
Quartz Crystal is used in radio to make Radio signal..

there a bit different in shape but its interesting when the processor is quartz and silicon latices .. because then instead of bits coming from the internet the internet can then come in bytes..
A bit is a 1 or a o.. and Byte is 32 1's and 0's in sequence
Like a random 1 and 0 pattern to say X in programing code..
now X is the same size as a byte in Space size but bits are stored on hard drives for a reason.. they can only store 1 and 0 because they only have 2 settings

so every bit you download is now a byte instead that is going to your processor and decoding X into 1's and 0's ^.^

Now look at 1.. and look at 0 and X in programing.. X is just X
and 1 s just one.. but to make a more complex programing code you need to take a patern of 1's and 0s to make the X to make a more complicated code to make a program work.. to tell the computer to do something

well in esince if you can understand what I am saying.. you are downloading programing code instead of 1's and 0's which means instead of downloading a 1 or a 0 you are downoading X or a or D or d Or whatever.. which means instead of download 1011 you downloaded A X D and this equates to 96 - 1's and 0 Cmbinations!

FASTER INTERNET!!!!! and your processor can pick up on radio stations too and also makes long ranged internet as well.. No more router.. no more Modem.. as radio stations would do that for you ^.^

The new age way of thinking!!!!!!!

Since Quartz Crystal has latice.. Copper can be layed on it the same way silica wafers take copper as well!

Processors would be a touch bigger but hey.. Epic Everything

other improvemtns would be that your computers could link processors..
you can connect to your friend from distances.. and play games.. it owns
and many other cool advantages that long range processor can do.. like connected to devices wirelessly to activate or deactivate things.. like lights in the house or whatever based on seeing you.. as it can radar for your location..and even detect intruders..

now.. in my mind i think servers up to ram sticks with processor from hard drive loading the file for you so it allready comes in byte form.. so this means all I did was add long rage cell phone style internet to a computer.. no problem.. add a second processor.. like the first.. but its a different one.. its a radio link.. or.. whatever.. 4g i could care less.. and what it does is connects to a internet site.. and a server sends programer code to a server radio link to a processor that treates bytes like bits making X D and Y or 10 to 64 of programer alphabet into a symbol that represents say XDayuD4 whatever.. and sends you a symble to this second processor that unpacts the (unknown symble into the same strand of code.. making internet faster anyways.. basicaly turning bits into bytes and then with the 2ind processor truing bytes into Mytes.. pack of bytes.. is a Myte.. sounds mighty.

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Post Thu Oct 08, 2015 6:28 am
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