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Roth IRA Help  Reply with quote  

I am trying to get some advice on my Roth IRA. I opened it in 2008 with American funds. For the most part it has been doing very well. However there are (2) funds that I am not sure if I should stick with or invest in something else.

First one is NEWCX. Since I have owned this fund it's annualized return is only 4.95%. I have had conversations with my broker about this in the past and somehow he keeps talking me out of exchanging into a different fund. he keeps telling me to stick with it. I just don't see this fund as a great long term approach. However maybe I am wrong which is why I am on this forum asking.

The other fund in question is CWGIX that hasn't done that bad 9.24% since I bought into it and YTD is 5.24%. I'm just not sure if I will get around an 11% return long term with these funds.

All my other domestic funds have been going great, so no need to mention those. However with the exception of ANCFX & ANWPX, I don't have anything else with international exposure besides the 2 mentioned earlier.

I am not really not sure what to do with NEWCX and CWGIX.

If anyone can offer some advice please let me know
Post Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:45 pm
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