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ESOP Rollover to 457(b)

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ESOP Rollover to 457(b)  Reply with quote  

I am in my last year of distribution of ESOP funds from a previous employer. For the last 4 years my distribution has been rolled over into my 457(b) deferred compensation account with my current employer. This year, however, my 457(b) (NYSDCP) admin says I cannot roll over from an ESOP to 457(b). I know there is widespread misunderstanding of ESOP. Granted, I am not the best record keeper and the 457 admin indicated that in previous years I ticked the box that said the contributions were coming from a 403(b) and/or another 457(b). So, who hasn't ticked a wrong box? Anyway, my question is... How can i convince the people at the 457(b) that my rollover is and has been legitimate?
Post Wed Dec 31, 2014 2:57 am
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