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P2P lending is the future of banking.Need loans.Wanna invest

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P2P lending is the future of banking.Need loans.Wanna invest  Reply with quote  

More people are using peer-to-peer lending to invest or borrow money. P2P lending platform offers opportunity to earn 5-12% return and get a loan for any needs. There are a lot of companies out there which provides this kinda service, but most of them offers unsecured investments, so there is a chance that I can lose your money.
However, there is some p2p companies which offer you secured investments. Blackhawk Investments Corp is one of them. They secured your investments by real estate. Blackhawk specializes on commercial real estate property. If you shut down from a bank ,and you need money to reconstruct your property and open business, Blackhawk will help you to find an investor. If you want to invest and earn 5 -12% annual returns secured by real estate, Blackhawk will match you with a borrower. If you are interested, check out the web site http://blackhawkcorp.com. I think it is a great opportunity.
Post Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:07 am
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