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I have been frustrated lately about the downword spiral in our country. The abuses of Government, and other destructive patterns. I know there are many people out there who would like to make a difference in the world but feel they cant. People that are busy with, work, children, school activities, church, etc. Many People actually spend upwords of two hours a day traveling to and from work. For Example Jackson hole WY and VAIL, CO, is too expensive for the working class citizens and most travel and carpool from outside areas. 8 hours of work two of travel, then there is meal preperation, laundry, calling the bill collectors, cleaning and household chores, and all sorts of obligations and distractions from living a meaningful and pupose drive life. These are people and parents that care about thier families yet somehow need to find time to learn how to preserve freedoms. With both GOOD Statesmen and BAD Politicians advocating the same good goals we cant possibly vote wisely or make effective change without first having a complete knowledge and understanding of the issues. We are in Perilless times. I thought for weeks trying to brainstorm in my mind how to provide incentive for people to take m ore responsibility and involvment for thier own freedoms. Understandably many are overwhelmed and Burdened and dont even understand why they are caught up in the rat race. While doing research on these items (read my posts from my join date) as I do passionately for hopes of making a differnce, I discovered and met a Man that is knowledgeable and has been involved with the Freedom movement for many years. What I discovered is we have many of the same concerns, desires and hopes for mankind. This man fortunately had much experience in marketing and has just recently launched the new phase of an incentitve based program to facilitate change in the World.

If you want to CHANGE THE WORLD your life and the lives of those around you. please visit my new website at www.stratia.com/helpwanted

Note: We Believe in Free Market Economy and Limited Government

I understand your time is valuable. But the need for KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH IS VITAL TO the survival of our soviergnty. IN MY OPINION, THESE ABSOLUTE VITAL NEEDS HAVE MERGED TO CREATE ONE OF THE GREATEST OPPORTUNITIES EVER. Treasures of Knowledge are the greatest wealth!
But we all need money to provide for our families!
Post Sat Apr 02, 2005 11:25 am
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