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Letter to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

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Letter to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands  Reply with quote  



To the Queen of the Netherlands

Curacao, 04 December 2012

Dear Queen BEATRIX,

My Name is Ronald Wederfoort, and i was born on Curacao on 21 January, 1955.

I would LIKE to ask a GREAT favor for ME, BARNEY IVANOVIC of the PLAZA HOTEL, and all OTHER Brothers and Sisters of the Island Curacao which are experiencing the same CORRUPTIONS and IN LEGAL activities against them on all levels..

Which are made by many of those appointed PEOPLE by the CROWN or the KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS.

PROFESSIONALS as GOVERNORS, NOTARIES, JUDGES, JUSTICE Department, LAWYERS,GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and on many Other Levels of Government Structure, also the BANKERS which think they are OWNERS of PEOPLES properties.

First of all, I would like to Stress that FRAUD and CORRUPTION are UNACCEPTABLE for ALL of US in the KINGDOM.

Practically no sector is spared Corruption or QUASI-Corrupt Practices all over the Island,
by these Groups appointed by the CROWN.

I hope i have helped so that YOU, could help US to find a PEACEFUL SOLUTION, If NOT, then I hope that YOU could help us to become IN DEPENDED ISLAND From these CORRUPTED APPOINTED PEOPLE by THE CROWN or the KINGDOM of THE NETHERLANDS.

I BELIEVE CURACAO has become a BIG BROTHER him self and would LOVE to be HIS own BOSS, and show the OTHERS in the WORLD how we can do it our self's and don't need those APPOINTED people by the CROWN.

ALSO MY CONCERN is about the 2012 21-23 DECEMBER EVENT.
Also I have posted some Information about the 21-23 DECEMBER 2012 Events, which we as humans must be PREPARED or need to be TOLD to the PUBLIC. I still don't understand why it was KEPT QUIT from the PUBLIC by the MEDIA. So could you EXPLAIN WHY this INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE or TRUTH was KEPT from to the WORLD of this COMING EVENT?

SHAME on ALL OF YOU, I HOPE that this can be Corrected in the COMING DAYS, so they would still have time to PREPARE them self's for the COMING EVENT don't you THINK SO!!

Thank you very much for your attention and hoping to RECEIVE and ANSWER from

Have Blessed day.

Ronald Wederfoort
IT Business Consultant


Citizens of CURACAO
Post Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:37 pm
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mod's note  Reply with quote  

This is one of several new threads posted by this new member who apparently has a gripe of some kind with his government. I decided to allow this one to be replaced in the public view, with some minor edits. The other threads are being withheld. We have no policy against members who wish to make public their particular complaints against any entities; however, unproven accusations and allegations are sometimes withheld both for the protection of the member and of the forum. I believe this letter publicizes enough of the substance of the member's complaint to serve his purposes and thus allow it and not the other.

Post Mon Dec 10, 2012 5:25 pm
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THE TRUTH  Reply with quote  

Hello my name is RONALD WEDERFOORT, I was BORN on the ISLAND of CURACAO. The REASON for writing this POSTING we must not see it a a NEGATIVE way because I am not against the QUEEN BEATRIX.

Sometimes we read something and we always look at it in a NEGATIVE way.
I left Curacao for many YEARS ago, I worked as It professional for many
FORTUNE 500 companies in NEWYORK. I have been always in the FINANCIAL, and RETAIL Business. In last Experience in NEWYORK i have seen the WTC Building come down as they were being DESTROYED by a DEMOLITION explosions. There were no Planes which had hid the BUILDING, no My brothers and sisters. Sinds that TIME, i felt that i needed go much deeper to understand what really was going on. And I have learned many things which i can go in detail. But many will not BELIEVE me.

So it came to past that i went back to CURACAO where i came from, and as i got there I saw that there were FORCES trying to make my LIFE very Miserable, but I never gave up and always kept my face high. Yes my brothers and sisters Corruption all over the PLACE it Got so worse that everyone was doing what was told to by those ELITE GROUPS in the ISLAND.

YES these GROUPS had also PEOPLE appointed by the QUEEN BEATRIX,
LIKE GOVERNOR, APPOINTED GOVERNORS, LAWYERS, JUDGES, and many others which were TAKING people their PROPERTIES away without any reason.

IT CAme to pass that I METH BARNEY IVANOVIC, which is an IVESTOR from the US, and was the OWNER if the CURACAO plaza HOTEL, which was taken away from him with GUNS, YES my brothers and sisters, he had for 10 years invested in ISLAND of CURACAO, and 80% of the ISLAND knows HIM. BUT nobody said NOTHING or even open their MOUTH to defend him.

So I was the one that decided to start the EXPOSURE again, and to PUBLISH this, because i dont want this to happen to no BODY.

And the QUEEN would LOVE to KNOW the TRUTH, so i am not against the QUEEN, I am try to help the QUEEN understand that there some of the PEOPLE which are assigned by here are CORRUPT.

So you must not see this in a NEGATIVE way but a POSITIEF, many people on the ISLAND wants this things to change and they PREFER PEACE.

So I hope you will consider, and understand we are not fighting no one, its OUR PEACEFULL way to tell the QUEEN, I have already forwarded the letter

Have a blessed day

Ronald Wederfoort
IT business Consultant
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Post Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:15 pm
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