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Any VC's open to serious meetings before a business plan?

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Any VC's open to serious meetings before a business plan?  Reply with quote  

I've been exposed to some business startup education resources like Score and IBI (Income Builders International / CEO Space). Most of what I've heard is that an investor is going to require business plans to already be well prepared. Are any VC's interested in talking before that point, if it makes sense?

What I could offer is basically the core info that should reveal an amazing business opportunity. A lot needs to be figured out still, but the business potential should be clearly amazing. I could write up some document about it, but it wouldn't be a complete plan yet. I feel like I need to get feeling better to move much further along. A small amount of money could do that for me. Anyone have an idea how to seek an investment in me and share profits from business I would then create?

I feel good at acknowledging the areas I should get professional help with. At the same time I feel good at estimating likelihood of huge success. I feel confident I could communicate that to someone technology minded.

I guess difficulty comes in when thinking about profit sharing with an investor. For instance, if it's clear the business will make millions but unclear if it would be $10 million or $100+ million, what do you do? What if my life needs a boost to get me ready to start a business and it could be done in less than a month?

I'm not sure what the law allows. I've wondered about scenarios like getting a loan and in exchange share a nice amount of profits + pay off a loan. For instance, I already have a job in place where I make enough to cover a $100,000 loan from part time work. I believe I could start a side business and in 1-2 years give an extra $1,000,000 bonus or something along those lines.

I'm stuck in a hole dieing and if someone helps me out of it then I expect to get rich probably within a year. I would totally hook someone or multiple people up if they help me out of this hole.

I'm not fixed on a $100,000 loan. Basically my goal is to become much more happy. I could do that in a matter of days with a decent loan or investment. In exchange I would return way way more money then given and be totally happy about it.
Post Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:20 pm
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