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MSI 20000

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msi 20000
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MSI 20000  Reply with quote  

MSI 20000 is a standard sign of strength and financial performance issued by an independent certification body in the specific financial audit, based on the specifications and procedures specified in the repository


Following the first sub prime crisis of June 2007, the emerging markets, barely shaken, have distinguished again. This was the trigger and decisive in building specifications and specific detailed procedures to what will become the first certificate for emerging countries. But the real intention of creating a repository such as the MSI 20000 is born some ten years of observation of an elite financial actors (traders, sales, analysts, brokers, funds and portfolio managers) derived from 'specific financial institutions (trading platforms, investment banks, brokers, investment funds, donors, etc ...) on western markets and Anglo-Saxon. Their hope: to intervene on efficient structures in emerging markets, growth index of these over-performing traditional index. The problem: lack of visibility and marking on this type of market. The solution: identify and single out the values and patterns that may be of interest to the international financial markets. Was born when the 2009/2010 version of the MSI 20000 standard.

The principle is simple: To be certified, audited companies must meet a set of criteria articulated around two main areas: financial performance and strength.


At the certification MSI 20000, the specifications and procedures are the basis for a certification body. The latter must be attached to a financial institution whatsoever but having contributed to or participated directly or indirectly to the development of procedures or specifications for the repository. Methodology: Evaluating the performance and financial strength of an entity. The measurements and assessments carried out by audit, following which members of a committee making independent but affiliated with the certification body, will build on the granting or withholding of certification. The evaluation takes place according to specifications and specific procedures, taking carefully plans the MSI 20000, themselves followed rigorously by quantitative and qualitative indicators. For optimal consistency, the weighting of evaluation criteria depends on the industry, current economic conditions and geographic location.


The process is as follows: expand the reputation of a group or company, valuing its financial activity, and this through a simple, reliable and concrete: a certificate. The goal is definitely to engage them in a process of continuous and significant improvement of their attractiveness (attractiveness customers, creditors, investors and shareholders).

This standard is as a showcase for public opinion and is a real guarantee of quality and confidence in the company. It is a real benchmark for the agents or actors, economic or financial, local and foreign, present as future. And is a concrete opportunity for the companies concerned, the most representative of the repository, and most ambitious to assert themselves locally and internationally.

MSI 20000 and the CAC 40

Non-exhaustive list of companies on the Paris stock exchange meeting the compliance requirements of the repository MSI 20000:

* Accor
* Air France-KLM
* Air Liquide
* Alcatel-Lucent
* Alstom
* ArcelorMittal
* BNP Paribas
* Bouygues
* Capgemini
* Crédit agricole
* Groupe Danone
* Dexia
* Électricité de France
* Essilor
* European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company
* France Télécom
* GDF Suez
* Carrefour
* L'Oréal
* Lafarge
* Groupe Lagardère
* Michelin
* PPR (company)
* PSA Peugeot Citroën
* Pernod Ricard
* Renault
* STMicroelectronics
* Saint-Gobain
* Sanofi Aventis
* Schneider Electric
* Société générale
* Suez Environnement
* Technip
* Total
* Unibail-Rodamco
* Vallourec
* Veolia Environnement
* Vinci
* Vivendi
Post Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:17 pm
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Hmmm thank you for sharing that wealth of information.
Post Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:11 am
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An incredible and marvelous sharing
i like this too much
Post Tue May 03, 2011 4:21 pm
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Nice link shared...
Its a great site for getting the information...
Thank you for sharing this great informative stuff here...
Post Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:24 am
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