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“Exceed Company Ltd” (EDS) cheats contrary going on the mark

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“Exceed Company Ltd” (EDS) cheats contrary going on the mark  Reply with quote  

American stock investor,forest and water tray Xidelong the company colluded with Hong Kong's illegal to do illegal acts in the securities market intermediaries repeatedly, in July 2008 by the Hong Kong Securities Commission and the China Development and Reform Commission, Fujian Province Commission and the supervisory bodies of the investigation, but the audacious group of people want to engage in fraud in the U.S. Nasdaq Stock Exchange, October 30, 2009 has passed anti-takeover backdoor to "Exceed Company Ltd" (EDS) in the Na Sida grams Stock Exchange, please Securities Commission confirmed as soon as possible in order to prevent losses from investors. an end to all illegal acts.I would like to explain some of the company's forest and water tray Xidelong fraud:

One: Xidelong(China) shoe industry Limited company Chairman Lin Shuipan colludes with “the Chinese Fujian Jinjiang Agricultural bank” (Chen dam branch) the internal staff member to take the skull company license plate (nine continent shoe industry Limited company) to carry on deceives the loan (20,000,000 Yuan). Then makes the false guarantee through younger brother Lin Shuifeng and brother-in-law Ding Zhide, has the family type to deceive the loan group, under the broad daylight disregards law and discipline carries on deceives the loan.

two: The tax revenue part, is happy the dragon company to make the forged account, the false report turnover, then private engraves the National Tax bureau official seal, in fact is happy Long Yi is heavily in debt borders on bankrupt the company.

three: Xidelong company's shareholder structure is also false is a crowd colludes with in the same place financial card cheating individual contribution.

The above situation had reflected to the American Negotiable securities Committee that is happy dragon company Lin Shuipan is a through swindler. Actual illegal cheat going on the market may verify Hong Kong Negotiable securities Committee and the Chinese supervision organization.
Post Wed Nov 18, 2009 1:08 pm
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