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Ezihippo - a GPT social networking site, that pays you

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Ezihippo - a GPT social networking site, that pays you  Reply with quote  


It's a social networking site (of sorts) centered around various GPT stuff online, free promoting threw out the site is allowed with your own referral links.
Min cash out is $10, but they have been sending out "surprise" payments early to people.Payouts made around 15th of every month. There is payment proofs around the web if you do a quick search for "ezihippo payment proof" you'll find them.
Paypal and Alertpay are the options.
There is only 4,000ish people on the site so far as it just launched in April 09. So this is a chance to get in early.
Earnings are updated once a day, so you can see how much you made day to day.

All in all I see great things for the site and hope to capitalize on finding this site relatively early in it's life.

\/Stuff below is copy/paste from around their site\/
For every person you refer to EziHippo you will earn a flat 20% of there earnings.
The EziHippo system works on a model that rewards you when the content is good and other members find it useful, but it also penalizes you if you submit useless junk which annoys other members (such as spamming etc etc). In short don't use unethical methods to try and inflate your earnings, it won't work and it will actually have a negative effect on your overall earnings.

Every section of EziHippo has earning potential, here is a list of areas you can focus on to increase your earnings.

* Video Gallery
* Music Gallery
* Image Gallery
* Forum
* Blogs
* Groups
* Classifieds
* Reviews
* Polls
* Events

As well as this you also receive credit for every action you complete around the site such as commenting, updating profile status, voting, polls, quizes... everything!

EziHippo uses a variety of different methods to calculate popularity, obviously to protect the integrity of our system we can not disclose this information. The rank you see in your profile page is an indication to the popularity of your profile/content for the current earning period, it is reset every time your account is updated.

All members of EziHippo are also moderators which is another great way of earning on EziHippo. Every section of EziHippo has a report link, use this link to report breaches of our terms of use, we will then review your report and if we find the content in breach we will reward you, the amount depends on the seriousness of the breach. You will see any rewards for this program appear in your earnings history.
Post Sun May 31, 2009 6:53 am
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How much have you made from this site so far?

Post Thu Dec 09, 2010 1:19 pm
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Social networking sites enable you to instantaneously connect with your target market and receive feedback regarding your product and service. Regardless of what social networking site your company decides to join, all of them will enable you to foster a closer relationship with your customers-the degree in which this is accomplished rests solely upon your company. Consumers are already doing what they intended to do on these-connect with family and friends-you (companies) are the new kid on the block so it is up to you how you want others to perceive your brand.

No fake signatures - thanks
Post Tue May 10, 2011 6:13 am
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!  Reply with quote  

Can you post some proof like cheques that you've received?
Post Wed May 11, 2011 3:33 am
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