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Becoming a business broker.

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Becoming a business broker.  Reply with quote  

Becoming a business broker.
I am thinking of starting a business broker website. so my question is how does one make money from that? do I charge people once I sold their business?or do I just charge a monthly fee for them to post their business?
but I think the second one won't work for a new website?people won't pay a monthly fee for a new established website to post their business.

I've seen some brokers charge 10% for selling business, does the broker make the final deal with the customer, or he just gives them the customer's phone number, and lets the owner deal with it. But how would I get the 10%?

Can people provide me information here please?
Post Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:57 am
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Well I can tell you what my best friend does for his firm. He charges a small listing fee and then charges the seller a certain percentage (usually 2-3%) after the sale has been made. He is doing pretty well for himself and his firm employs 7 so far. If you are doing an online version of a business broker firm then the best way would be to charge a listing fee and then charge a smaller 0.5% fee after sale. Have them go through paypal so you can keep track of everything and charge accordinly.

Charging a high fee will automatically push people away. The reason I suggest such a small fee is because it will attract people and bring more referals.

Good luck.
Post Tue Feb 24, 2009 7:42 pm
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