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Investing on-line with Private Fund Management

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Investing on-line with Private Fund Management  Reply with quote  

Private Fund Management works in three main directions:
2. Currency contracts
3. Goods and goods markets

For every direction there is a specialized department where licensed by the stock board specialists and managers work.
The priority is given to the work with shares where the largest department works. There are 2 analysts on macroeconomics and two ones on the current economic situation of the company and 8 traders-managers who work on a deal from the beginning to the end.

Allocating of a client's assets for buying shares takes place on:
- American stock exchanges New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) и NASDAQ
- German Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB),
- English London Stock Exchange (LSE),
- Tokyo's Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE.JPN),
- Hong Kong's Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK)

Buying of currency and goods assets as a rule takes place on Chicago CME (GLOBAX).

Advantage of capital management over investments into business.
Investing money into business you have to have good experience and know very well the business where you are investing your money. Even if you understand well the business you still risk 100% of your money. According to sad statistics 90% of companies go bankrupt within the first five years. Investing money into capital management the investor gets the same profit as when investing into a successful business but risking only 15%-25% of the invested capital.
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