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Some SEO forums are realy serious hopefully Andrew appricate

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Some SEO forums are realy serious hopefully Andrew appricate  Reply with quote  

[QUOTE=skibladner;7739]Lol, those two are the only funny seo jokes. Something similar has happened to me a couple of times, once I was at a dinner I advised someone to "download more gravy".[/QUOTE]

refering to which I think I found on a blog

The below prevously posted on NTC;)

Originally Posted by LOVEgoesMLM
1Cool When your daughter brings home a new boyfriend to meet you, your first thought is to check his backlinks.

19) Your second thought is to warn them about the dangers of reciprocal linking.

A few more SEO jokes.

This is an old joke that I redid as an SEO joke.

"Dear Lord is it true that to you a thousand years is like a second to us?"
Lord responds, "Yea".
SEOer continues"Is it true that you control everything including Google, MSM, and Yahoo?"
Lord laughs, "Yea, not sure why I let Microsoft happen. And why did I let something with the name Google take off?"
SEOer having the Lord God Almighty laughing asks, "Can I have top SEO for all my websites?"
Lord laughs again, "In a second"

Did you hear about the SEOer who got drunk?
Of course not SEO and blood alchol are inversly related.

Did you hear about the SEOer who won the lotto?
Poor guy spent so much time online he never collected.

You may be a redneck if you think SEO stands for Search Every One
What I better get out of here. Oh wait Beer 'taint illegal.

I'm more websurf then master. So, I can't contribut to much on the art of SEO; but, I can hopefully give you all a chuckel.

Non promotional Facebook Jail regular forum inquiry
Promotional post in advert section for new Facebook group for those building a downline
Post Tue Aug 14, 2007 3:29 pm
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