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New Business Idea

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Hi Group:

It dawned on me that there should be a way that we can take advantage of our combined resources. For anyone who is interested, could you show me how I can list the Paid to Read sites that I have on a single page without spending a fortune to have a domain name, web hosting etc.

My idea is something that I saw many other people do. The individuals would list their web sites on an eye catching page and have whomever wanted to click on sign up and they would have instant referrals.

If anyone is willing to tell me how to do this I will share a percentage of any profits that are made with you.

The concept of this is even exchange referrals. You sign up with me, and I will do likewise.

Anyone that can help or is interested, please reply!

Thank you.

JBendar Idea
Post Mon Jun 28, 2004 7:52 pm
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Why don't you just get a free page from GeoCities, AngelFire, or other similar free homepage service. They will show ads on your page, but it should be free!
Post Mon Jun 28, 2004 8:46 pm
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