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Investing in my online shop - General plan on what I plan to

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Investing in my online shop - General plan on what I plan to  Reply with quote  

Hey guys,

Since a time ago, I decide to embark myself on a new business venture: setting up my own online shop and making it my full-time business.

I've already found a niche and a fair selection of products that solve their needs, so I have what they are looking for and there is all-year demand, so there are no issues regarding that aspect.

I'm going to use WooCommerce, because as I have experience using WordPress, it won't be hard at all. I've already studied my competition and I think that I've found the "right" web design for my audience.

Of course, I'm going to constantly test my results and try to improve my conversion rate.

Now that I have laid out my plan, is there anything you more experienced guys can recommend me? Thanks!
Post Mon May 28, 2018 3:53 pm
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