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stock market terminology

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Important terms to know in stock market  Reply with quote  

If you are thinking to enter the stock market then first understand the below terms-- by MCX tips provider

Averaging Down: this is often once Associate in Nursing capitalist buys additional of a stock because the worth goes down. This makes it thus your average price decreases.

Bear Market: this is often commerce speak for the securities market being in a very down trend, or a amount of falling stock costs. this is often the alternative of a securities industry.

Beta: A mensuration of the link between the value of a stock and therefore the movement of the complete market. If stock XYZ includes a beta of one.5, which means that for each one purpose move within the market, stock XYZ moves one.5 points and contrariwise.

Blue Chip Stocks: These ar the massive, business leading corporations. they provide a stable record of great dividend payments and have a name of sound commercial enterprise management. The expression is believed to possess been derived from blue gambling chips, that is that the highest denomination of chips utilized in casinos.
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