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Free Exposure For You  Reply with quote  

Hello Everyone,

I have recently set up a few Marketing Campaigns and will be Receiving 15k+ Unique Visitors within the next month or so. These are real Visitors from the same services that Best Buy, Blockbuster,etc used. I am offering and allowing anybody with some kind of service, business, etc to post their contact info, sig, etc after making a comment.

It is primarily a real estate blog but you will find quite a bit of other tidbits on gadgets, interesting video's, good deals, etc..


etc.. Yes.. I agree that Real Estate Contingencies etc etc etc

Jon Doe
Jon Digs Holes 555-555-5555 We Dig Holes!

A few guidelines or it will deleted. No links to any Webpages at this time..
No Profanity or abusive language,
Also, Not every comment has to be accepted or approved. We are looking for more than just.. Cool.. Jack Joe.. 123 Business.... but some insight etc.. The more you write, the more exposure and chance someone will contact you.

This will be free advertising and unique traffic coming in so take advantage of it and feel free to comment your opinions. However, do not spam the blog but professionally include a way to contact you for what you do.. I look forward to seeing your comments!

Post Sat May 12, 2007 9:23 pm
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This site has been suspended.
Post Sun Dec 30, 2007 9:37 pm
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My family has two computers (A laptop and a desktop), and the desktop is very, very, very x10 slow. Basically, it turns on fine and the welcome screen shows fine and fast. But once you click on a name to login it takes FOREVER. The desktop shows quickly, but the applications and stuff take a long time to load, and it even freezes sometimes if you right click or click the start menu or something similar. The computer doesn't so much lag when there's a lot of programs open either, it just lags in general, even if only 1 application is open (Not counting those in the system tray).

I've tried doing things to speed up the computer (Like the stuff you'd find in the topic a few down from this), and it doesn't really make much of a difference. Here's the computer's specs (That I could find):

* Windows XP Home SP2 (2002 Edition)
* Intel Pentium 4 CPU (2.20GHz)
* 512 MB Physical RAM (112 MB Available??)
* 2 GB Virtual Memory (1.96 GB Available)
* 150 GB Samsung SP1604N Hard Drive

We've still got like 100 GB left on the hard drive, so that's no issue. I frequently do disk clean up, defrags, virus scans, etc. I've basically determined that the antivirus (Norton) is (I think) causing the slowness, but the problem is I don't want to remove it...

So what I want to know, any ideas how I could speed this thing up? Money is tight, so we can't really buy an new computer. Would installing more physical RAM help (And is installing RAM something I could do - I'm pretty good with computers, but I've never installed internal hardware)? Or is it the CPU? Or something else?

Thanks for any input!
Advanced Registry Cleaner Chiropractor Adelaide
Post Wed Dec 17, 2008 2:12 pm
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