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Behold the West Water Outlaws.

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Behold the West Water Outlaws.  Reply with quote  

Behold the West Water Outlaws.

Song of the day 17 Oct 2012 is the first track from Real Killer.

Forgive Me

Blake Rooker: Vocals, Guitar
Will Buck: Lead Guitar
Vincent Ellwood: Bass,Keys, Vocals
Andrew Oalkey: Drums,Percussion

As I have said before this band would make Humble Pie proud!!!!

If you like good hard rock and your in Colo Nov. 02 2012 you should catch their show if you can!!!
http://webadvertising.forumsland.com/webadvertising-post-19293.html#19293 for more songs ofthe day.

These guys are talented so please share them with all the hard rock fans you know.

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Post Wed Oct 17, 2012 3:36 pm
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