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Help please , need to cash 401 , do print check ?

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Help please , need to cash 401 , do print check ?  Reply with quote  

Hello All,

This post is the result of pure desperation , so I am begging please help if you can .

I am financially in surviving mode . I live for many years abroad, and do not have means to travel to US .
After battle with finalizing QDRO after divorce , company finally put my part in account on my name .
I need this money to save or rather try to save my life , medical .

I contact them , was told to provide the form of deposit and voided check .

Horror is, I do not have check with my name on it , because only account
in US bank is join account and I never ordered checks with my name ,
never needed it, everything online .

What I sent was not accepted, name on check has to mach with what they have on file .
I sent print out of the bank statement with both names, did not help .

My question

If I will print a check , with all real data, routing, account number, my name,
name and address of the bank , print over here where I am, will it be legal
and accepted or I am asking for trouble ?
What do they do with voided check , another than include in their files ?
Can bank somehow interfere because check was not ordered from them ?

If someone knows from insider experience, how does cashing 401 work , please help me .

Idea about printing this check, came to me from memories about ordering
fancy checks from companies having nothing to do with the banks .

And one more piece of information .

According to this company policies, are two options ,
one is this one with including void check
another signature confirmed by notary in the bank , surely not for me .

Please tell me what to do ,
I simply can not believe that having bank account with somebody else ,

and not having checks, can deprive me from the rights of cashing my 401, when it is matter of life or not .

Tell me how to deal with them , and, if I will be not able to get this money,
and eventually go to US 3 years from now , can I loose it ?

Help please !!!
Post Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:29 am
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First, you cannot lose the money in the account. It is yours whether you claim it now or 100 years from now.

Second, don't print bogus checks; you are asking for big trouble; this is called fraud.
Can you open another account in your own name in the same or another bank?

I suggest you reconsider the signature guarantee as the easiest solution to your problem. You don't need to do this at your bank; it can be done anywhere. You'll need proof you are who you are and what is your legal signature. Then you'll sign the document requesting your funds in the presence of a bank officer.

Note: a signature guarantee is not the same as a notarized document. Please make sure of what they want; usually it's a signature guarantee.

Post Tue Jul 31, 2012 6:23 am
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