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thinking of trying to get an online job while in the militar

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thinking of trying to get an online job while in the militar  Reply with quote  

thinking to myself the other day... I thought how and if I could find an online job doing computer related stuff like picture editing or enhancing, basic IT work or just anything basic computer related for a little extra cash... Currently I am military employed and deployed, not knowing where to start or what to really look for so basically I want to know what people think and any advice on how to accomplish this task...
Post Sat Jun 18, 2011 6:15 pm
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so basically I want to know what people think and any advice on how to accomplish this task...

as of right now i am already paying 3 times the amount per month on both cards so i know the 1 payment wont hurt me but my question to that would be would it hurt my credit getting rid of one cards consolidating them to one?

What is your education? That is what will determine your online marketability. Eg, no one will hire you for picture editing or enhancing, it is something that anyone can do - and it takes longer to define the desired outcome than to just do it - plus it is often an iterative process so no work description exists. But if you have some special skills, something that not everyone can do, you are more valuable - statistical probabilities, market optimization analyses, actuarial work - employers may hire you.

But, looking at it as a rich oldguy, your overall approach is backwards. Trying to make extra income to paydown small debts won't make you wealthy - you need to concentrate on steady investing. You are 22, a $5000/yr investment at 11%/yr will be a million at age 51, $4M at age 64. But if you spend that $5000 on your credit cards, it WON'T be a million at age 51.

As for shifting loans around just to build your credit score - forget it - do what is best for you and let the score take care of itself. I put loans on rental houses, I refi them and remove equity to invest elsewhere - and my scores still stay above 800. And I have one credit card, I use it for everything, I never use cash - you don't need multiple CC's.
Post Sun Jun 19, 2011 5:33 pm
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Gary Barzel
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If you don't have any skills in doing online work, I'd say try and utilize your free time by finding something that interests you, and study it thoroughly. Listen to podcasts and read as much material as you can on the subject that interests you. You can even take some online courses and work your way into getting a degree, at which point you will have something that you can make a future out of it.
Post Tue Aug 23, 2011 2:16 pm
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