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Need lots of advices !!!

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Need lots of advices !!!  Reply with quote  

Hello everybody. Good day to all of you.

I currently stuck on this question. Could you guys there help me?

"I'm 70 this year and going to retire.
I have accumulated saving of $180,000, conservatively invested. It's yielding 9% interest.
I also have a saving account of $12,000 at 5% interest. I keep this amount intact.
I receive $750/month in security payment for the rest of my life. Given that the payment is an index for inflation.
Suppose that I will live for 20 years more and willing to use up all of my investment. Given that inflation rate is 4%."
1. Evaluate my incomes in nominal terms
2. Evaluate my incomes in real terms.
Thanks a lot for your answers

In him,

Post Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:22 am
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