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The Myth About Making money online

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The Myth About Making money online  Reply with quote  

One of the greatest lies you
will ever find is that you can never be able
to make money online. The truth is that there are several
ways one can make money online; the trouble is most of the ways if not all of them take time if one does not have the right skills from the beginning.

About two years ago I went out on
this adventurer to try and find out if there is such
a thing as making money online. I was amazed at the
enormous results I got on Google over 205,000,000 on search results is by no standard small.

This gave me the hint that there
must be some money online otherwise
there would not be so many people either searching
or creating articles on making money online.

So I set out to find out if this was so!
One of the first things you will meet are the so-called gurus who claim that they have a formula on to how to make money online at a "low low" price of such and such an amount. Don't believe them.

They are only out there to get your money.
They claim that they make so much money with their formulas,
well to tell you the truth the only money they are making is that from sales of ignorant wanner Ėbe-rich-quick people.

They will sell them a tool after a tool
after a tool only to discover that either this are
old methods or even methods that do not work at all!

Trust me you will lose your money on that journey.
At the end of it all you will have to trust someone though to
help you learn the robes quickly or just go on by yourself and learn.

This could take you forever
though but itís worth the effort. In my journey
I met someone (http://www.this-gospel.com/recommends)
who could be of help to you to if you want to make money online, but you have to be prepared to learn and WORK, because it does work there is a lot of money online.

Like I said you would have to trust someone at least you can say that you tried.

Here are some of the ways you can make money online

1. Affiliate marketing
2. participate in online surveys
3. Sell things at eBay or Amazon or other online shopping sites but this are some of the biggest.
4. Pay per Click systems

The truth is that there is none out
there that you will use without doing some work.
You need to know how to drive traffic to your affiliate site,
How to make articles that convert.

There are several other techniques that
are available out there but you need to learn them first, its with this new skills that you will make it.
You only have to learn them once and the money starts rolling in.

Thatís another great thing about making money
online once the business is established there is not much
you will have to do. You would have to spend a few hours if not minutes tweaking a few things and thatís it .

It will require some input from your
part at the beginning the beautiful thing is that
this is the only business where you will not spend so
much money to start, like when you start other businesses, and it could be a life time income source.
Post Mon Nov 22, 2010 2:59 pm
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Thanks for the information  Reply with quote  

I always thought that all these programs are fake and thank God I didn't spend money on them. I usually have some free time on weekends and wanted to do something from home. Can you suggest something?
Post Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:12 pm
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You mentioned here some great hits for beginner who are looking for a ways to make money online. I learned many things form over 3 years. I was really surprised that I can make money from home without investing money. But that was not true. I learn there you didn't get anything without hard work. I know two things that is useful for success in online business. Hard work and passion.
Post Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:38 pm
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Re: Thanks for the information  Reply with quote  

Originally posted by Crazyfinances
I always thought that all these programs are fake and thank God I didn't spend money on them. I usually have some free time on weekends and wanted to do something from home. Can you suggest something?

The most I've ever made from a free program was $20 cuz someone in the downline bought an advert.

You need someone to actually buy something to get a commission if something isn't going to go splat.

I find the adverts to be a great source of amusement. FREE info pack just send two dollars!!!

Learn how to get people to send you $2. Just send $2 to . . . .

I don't mess with paid surveys online anymore. Use to do paid surveys at the mall; but, haven't made it there in for ever and a day.

Last time I did a online survey I just put my name as Sh and within 15 min I'm getting sales calls with people going "hello ah? Sh"

Started getting calls before I even completed the survey. All they need is your initial registration.

Non promotional Facebook Jail regular forum inquiry
Promotional post in advert section for new Facebook group for those building a downline
Post Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:14 pm
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Re: The Myth About Making money online  Reply with quote  

I agree with you, seems just spend, spend, spend and tools will make
money for you without your work and I don't like ads who tells "I will work for you for free".

All newbies should know that 80% new opened programs closed next year!

The very first criteria for program to choose - minimum 5 years in online.

I personally not watching in programs whose are less than 5 years old. There are good programs online, just need time and patience to find good one. I spent 3 months for searching programs until I meet one good guy, who was working in one program and I joined him.
Post Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:03 pm
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On the other hand, there's this myth that making money online is so easy. This, of course, is not true, as you will need to put in a good amount of effort in order for your to make it work.

Best Life Insurance
Post Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:26 am
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The FAST money making online is the myth. Those which you buy packages and training kits are most likely the ones. But writing online can be very fruitful.
Post Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:16 pm
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