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TurboTax?  Reply with quote  

Hey everyone:

It's that time again...TAX SEASON! I was wondering if anyone in here has used Turbotax in the past and if so, which package did you enroll?

They have the basics, Deluxe, Premier, etc... I was using all three categories and seems to work well. However, if I get the premier, does that included the deluxe? Reason why I'm asking is that I've made lots of stock transactions and already have an excel spreadsheet with my gains and (loss). With the premier, I can import my data making this process easier.

Any suggestions? Maybe I'll do it by hand?
Post Sun Jan 31, 2010 2:23 am
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I've been using TTax since 1994.

I don't see any reason to spend any money on anything higher than Deluxe unless you're running a home business. Basic doesn't include state tax prep, so I can't see buying that. Deluxe is the way to go, I think, though I'd like to hear if anyone else thinks it's worth spending more on the higher versions.

This year I bought H&R Block (formerly TaxCut) just to compare, and I prefer TTax, but they're both more than adequate.

Post Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:44 am
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