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How people used free government programs to make money?

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Sean A. William

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How people used free government programs to make money?  Reply with quote  

Question Have you always wondered this about grants?

- Is it really possible to get this type of money? Is it really free?
- What do I have to do to get my share of this money?
- Who can apply and do I really qualify?

Each year, over $700,000,000 (billion) in free government money is given away to people like yourself.

Many people qualify for grants regardless of income or credit history.

If you are seeking for grants or free money (instantly qualify for up to $3,100), here is what you need.

At http://www.Freegrantsearch.org, you will be educated HOW & WHERE to find Government and Private Grants. This MONEY has to be given away, WHY not to YOU?
Post Sat Jan 22, 2005 1:01 pm
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