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Looking for Angel Investor for 250k

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Looking for Angel Investor for 250k  Reply with quote  

My company is a small company, soon to be SBA 8A certified that does off-shore outsourcing in the Philippines and China for small to medium sized businesses to make them more competitive. In China we do end to end product development and in the Philippines we do end to end BOP support.

To make a long story short, last year my company was approached by a mortgage brokerage firm to move some of their operations overseas. After negotiatons, we developed a 3 year plan to grow both the off-shore location and US based locations. Late last year they were bought out by a larger company and right after Christmas the new company sent our company a letter telling us they wouldn't be outsourcing their operations and would be keeping things in house.

The plan we developed is solid with excellent short and long term growth projections. We're looking to bring on a partner(s) that wouldn't have to make as high as an investment as the project initially called for. We've invested almost 220k in this venture, and were currently looking for an investor(s) for a 250k equity investment.

This is a great investment opportunity because as an equity investor you will not have to wait a year or two for a return on your investment. Your investment would start being paid dividends in 3 months, and the investment payoff would be based on loans closed per month, and not the amount of profit per month. The savvy investor knows the difference. This is all detailed in the business plan.

Things you need to know:
1. 90% of the operations would be run in the Philippines.
2. The company has solid experienced Management in the Philippines and US.
3. We can and will originate loans in 42 states and by the end of the first year we will be in all 50 states.
4. We have a solid niche market we will be targeting to that has not been marketed to before.

If anyone here has someone they know who is interested in investing their money or they themselves are interested, pm me and I'll fax/e-mail a disclosure to sign, and I'll send you the short form business plan with the financials.

Also if you can tell me the best website for Angel Investors so I can post my biz plan, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you provide.
Post Tue Jan 18, 2005 5:22 am
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