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Investing via Private Fund Management. It's PROFITABLE!!!

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Investing via Private Fund Management. It's PROFITABLE!!!  Reply with quote  

[edited]. Capital management of assets on a stock market is quite a new service. Its essence is as follows: an investor (TM client) gives his/her money assets or securities to a manager (Capital Manager). Despite being rather new, this service is becoming more and more popular among investors, both and private and institutional. Mostly it happens due to high profits demonstrated by trust managers. According to experts' evaluations the amount of money given for trust management last year, increased 35%. Experts also predict the same dynamics this year.
Any investor who possesses money assets or securities can become a client of capital management. Capital mangers don't approve of other kinds of assets. The investment minimum now is $ 1000. As for currency used for money transfer, it is either $US or Euro. The more money assets are given for trust management the more diversified portfolio a manager will create. A manager does his/her best to increase the assets under his/her management. Thus for the contract term a TM Client doesn't have to find time to analyze the market and forecast the dynamics of the fluctuations of the securities in the portfolio. All this as well as decisions on investment is made by a trust manager.
1. Advantage over bank deposits.
Today annual interest on bank deposits is close to the annual inflation rate and is often even lower. Thus investments into bank deposits make profit only for the bank but not for the investor. In case of investments into capital management your profit from the deposited capital is substantially higher than the bank interest rate and the inflation rate and it can be as high as 50% annually or even more.

2. Advantage over investments into unit fund.
Unit funds have 20%-40% annual interest rate. However, investing money into unit funds you risk the whole amount for in case of the managing company’s mistake you can lose 100% of your investments. With capital management you sign a contract with a professional manager, in this contract the biggest amount you can lose is indicated. It is usually 15%-25% of the invested capital. In a unit fund you risk 100% of your capital.

Post Wed Aug 06, 2008 12:29 pm
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