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Let me ask all of you.

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Let me ask all of you.  Reply with quote  

Hi to all!
My name is Anton,I am from Ukraine.
At this moment want to ask you about help,will not tell you that we have a hard time in our country.
Only reason whay am I asking you, this is because I do not have a plenty of time and at this moment I`am not to have a good sort of job.
So, I want asking you to help from you by money,I need to pay this money not for drugs o stuff like that,this money for my family and for our family life,coz at this moment I do not have the mone to pay for our flat.
I know that you can give me a right direction to f...k myself, this is your choice.
I realy need help,if I have something that will need you, I can give that to you!
This is my WM Wallet Z420998836541,if somebody will give me 1$,it will grate,and fel free to ask me about any thing.
Thank you for Your help, and understanding.
Post Sun Oct 15, 2006 7:27 pm
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