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PRO-BUILDER-PLUS:: Most of TOP MARKETERS Are Joins!  Reply with quote  

Hi Forum Members and Online Marketers,
it's always nice to meet fellow net worker!

Though many of you may have seen the program before I wanted to place this article/promotion for :

Pro-Builder-Plus (Paying)

and why so many people signed up in just one month.

If you are a net marketer and has involved in this business you might know nowaday market leaders. You should aware why the world top net marketers below were join this program in the very first beginning.

Jane Mark of JPE Advertising
Rachel Long of the fastest recruiter to date
Maryanne Myers of TAG Expolsion
Jim Carpenter of World Profit
Janet Legere of CLB
David Rivera
David Walker
Coach Van
Mike G

They are currently listed in 100 top recruiters! You will see how many members they bring on line. Joining this powerline will put you into the most energetic lines to date. The List goes on day by day!

With this group of movers, you are guaranteed to succeed in this program.

First of all:
you will never get paid if you do not work.
I am sorry to burst your bubble there but simple science tells us from every action a reaction. No action and zero will be your result. No matter what program your are in or what kind of job you do online or offline. PERIOD.

Second of all:
Online work can ONLY be succesful if you can generate and target TRAFFIC. Don't fool yourself with this. Every hit is a potential customer or teammember. They key is to find out what kind of traffic you need for the website you promote or own.

Pro Builder Plus is shown 2 out of the 10 pages on all the mayor traffic sites like TS25, TRAFFICPODS and ILOVEHITS. Currently Every day thousand people take an action to join. Why?

People are able to build their OWN business and get paid to do so. Many many many of us are being paid after 2 weeks of work. Pro-Builder-Plus members get paid:

- Every week on wednesday
- Straight into your bank account for USA members.
- Straight into debit card for outside USA.
- Our earning reach from $300 to $5000 a week. Depending on the work you put into it.

Most other programs will pay you... eventually. However it often takes a skilled marketer with some money to invest for paid advertising and then maybe after a few month you will receive a check. The programs are hard to promote. Hard to follow up on. The only one making money is the owner.

AutoSurfs and investing can work but the risk is too high of losing not only all your money but also the time and effort you spend building a team for it.

Pro-Builder-PLUS has a magic touch to this. You can start earning within 2 weeks instead of months because PBP has the following succes keys to make it work for the most of us:


They have:

Interactive flash movie presentations
Think your products sell themselves? Think again! A video presentation grabs your prospects attention, and allows them to absorb the information much more efficiently than just reading. PLUS, it allows your prospects to hold and retain the information up to 10 times longer than text alone!

Lead Capture Pages
Maximize your efficiency with more qualified prospects wanting to find out about YOUR BUSINESS than ever before!

Studies prove that it takes up to seven or more exposures before potential customers make a purchase. NOW, you can automate that follow-up and MAXIMIZE your closing ratio!

Traffic Rotator
Many successful leaders like to run co-op ad campaigns to help their teams grow. Some people like to build multiple businesses at the same time. With your traffic rotator, you're in control! There is no limit as to how many team members or websites you can add to your rotator, and YOU decide what percentage of leads each person gets!

WebConferencing, Voice Mail Broadcasting & Conference Call Bridges and so much more...

You are able to take a FREE TOUR yourself for all the details cause there are so much to mention:

I am, to say the least, excited about Pro-Builder-PLUS and its prospects cause im really making a normal income online.

Be sure to check the program and before you know it I will be placing people in your downline cause thats my job! and , I'm happy to do it cause:

To your succes!

Take your FREE Position Today!
Only $29.95 to upgrade.
You'll kick yourself if you miss this opportunity..
Post Thu Aug 03, 2006 2:38 am
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Cash: $ 3.20

Posts: 71
Joined: 04 Apr 2006

I watched nothing bad happen with ProBuilderPlus !!  Reply with quote  

From the beginning when I started to join couple months ago I got warned also about ProBuilderPlus, either:




But I go through, cause I have tried other program also even worst, at that time I was promised to myself if it would fail again then I have to say goodby Online Business.

Since then I watched nothing bad happen with ProBuilderPlus except in contrary the new members is INCREASED TREMENDOUSLY while my downline was also grow up step by step and I got paid on weekly basis (read: not monthly).

I joined the ProBuilderPLUS since March 2006 and Up to know I never feel sorry.

I just wondering why such program like this never come up couple years ago when I committed to do some thing with internet marketing.

My oppinion is closed to this:
I've tried other home based businesses before. I've had some success and some failures. It wasn't until I found ProBuilderPLUS that I really broke through. Now, I can work when I want, play when I want, and make way more money than I ever could working a job!
(Sean Fisher)


When you want to know more about ProBuilderPLUS you can only found a capture page which is asking to submit your data, so you can access inside.
Starting from that points for couple days it will send you emails wondering if you have an interest of it, if not you can unsubcribed anytime.
Post Sun Sep 17, 2006 4:23 am
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 Reply with quote  

they all join PWS Cool



Post Sun Sep 24, 2006 1:56 am
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Full Member

Cash: $ 3.20

Posts: 71
Joined: 04 Apr 2006

PRO-BUILDER-PLUS:: Most of TOP MARKETERS Are Joins!  Reply with quote  

Founded by a couple of guys who have made Millions on the internet in recent years! They have a proven technology for success!

They introduced the system to the World, its a fact that Most of TOP MARKETERS are now Joins! They are becoming a BEST TOP TEAM Online Recruiters, The Numbers of New Member is Growing Up TREMENDOUSLY!

Check it Out at ProBuilderPLUS Site,

HUGE Target is being developed which Making ProBuilderPLUS as THE FASTEST Growing Internet Home Based Business opportunity of 2006 is no more dreams:

    * Pre-launch was January 23, 2006!
    * Official Launch was February 1!
    * 4,200 members enrolled during the first 10 days of pre-launch in business
    * 800+ reps enrolling per day since February 1
    * 500,000 reps projected by July 1, 2006!
    * Millions of reps will enroll within in 2006. Get in on the ground floor!
    * Millions will be earned in 2006!
    * $3,000 - $5,000 / Mo. RESIDUAL INCOME being earned already by some and Feb. 1 was THE first Pay Day!
    * Learn to earn $1,000 - $5,000 per month P/T
    * GO WILD and learn to earn $20,000 - $50,000 + per month
    * World-class Suite of Internet Marketing Tools
    * Spend quality time with your family
    * Fully automated internet marketing system will duplicate itself for you
    * Enroll for FREE and watch your team grow before you spend a dime.. pass it along to a friend to check out
    * No selling, No cold calling, No lists to buy

To Understand The Power Of The System At ProBuilderPlus And Being A Part Of The Hottest Home Based Business Opportunity Available, Click Here!


To Secure Your FREE Position!


    * No previous marketing, internet, or business experience required
    * Must have a strong desire to be your own boss, control your future and your income
    * Must be coachable & trainable and committed to following simple instructions
    * Must be resourceful and want to get your Internet Home Based Business started quickly and correctly
    * Must be a team player with a positive attitude
    * Must have a computer with an internet connection

Internet home based business discovered at ProBuilderPLUS, TOP LEADERS in the industry!

This is THE Internet Home Based Business opportunity of 2006 and beyond! Donít miss out

Take your FREE Position Today!
Only $29 to upgrade.
You'll kick yourself if you miss this opportunity..
Post Sun Sep 24, 2006 2:30 am
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