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Great oil investment opportunity in china

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Great oil investment opportunity in china  Reply with quote  

Dear Ms./Mr.:

I read your message on www.money-talk.org. then I write you.

My name is Edward Jin and I am working with an petroleum mining company which is located in Beijing, PRC. This company is named " Oil dragen Petroleum mining technology Co.Ltd". We are a start-up company aiming to provide our patented technology, both in equipment and in service, helping oil mining company in china and worldwide increase the amount of cruel oil.

Currently we are seeking capital investment to help us. The amount of capital investment we need is at least 10 Milloins RMB, that is about 1.3 million USD.

The patent owner of the technology, who is currently the chief engineer of the company, provented the technology by using the aerospace technology, which is the state-of -the -art technology concerning with the existing mining methods worldwide.
and that is highly approved and appreciated by some china state-owned oil field, such as the DaQing oil field and ShengLi Oil field, and both of them have offered the technology permission to us.

The Management team is the best I've ever found in China. Most of them have the overseas study back ground with an MBA degree. Some of them used to be the CEO or Vice president of some big public company in China. they are highly experienced.

whoever interested, just drop me a line at edwardjin@vip.sina.com
Edward Jin
Post Thu Jul 15, 2004 8:22 am
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