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E-cigs is basically harmless

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I have been vaping heavily for 6 years..
No problem so far.. at all.. I even feel better.. from not smoking
Also.. There is flavor. Fine for you as its just apple particals.. or something consintrated.. not so bad as you eat that in apples and or candy..
tastes like Candy instead of an ashtrey.
proplyne Glycal is in this.. this carries the flavor.. and is an Oil found in plants.. and petroleum because they were plants one time ^.^ Before earth processed that into Black gold..
and vegitibale G.. This sweetens it and also Fissions like PG above..
this just helps bulk up the Vapor effect.. so it satisfy your Addiction or habit form to see smoke.. even though its vape
This stuff is found in plants too..
and then Nicotine if you choose.. And this stuff is Way less harmfull then you think
For two reasons First of all there is onle these 4 or 3 in Ecig Liquid
Becasuse you can go 0 Nicotine.. and only have flavor, PG and VG.
and second.. Nicotine does not give you cancer.. for the most part.. Its the 9000 chemicals along side it that does.. by flames burning Atomic Chemicals apart.. or melecular bonds are shattered..
so a Molecule is now broken down into less molecules
Now in this EVENT.. you are Burning Nicotine into more Chemicals.. Its not Nicotine anymore
Even though you do get SOME nicotine..

Vaping sort of Fission the PG and VG to carry the Nicotine which does not Fission and Flavor which does not Fission to your mouth and lungs.. The Fissioned PG and VG are absorbed by your blood.. Just like food in your gut in a way is.. and then all of the Vape is Excreted ..
And is not Trapped in your LUNG.. this means there is no damage.. Or you would get Nemoniya quick if vape liquid got Built up in your lungs..

So I think there is no Risk. as I have done my Research.. Even the Fissioned PG and VG are allready inside your BODY.. as you eat plants.. and animals eat plants and you eat animals.. therefor your body knows how to deal with PG VG.. and Flavoring.. as for the Nictine I am not sure but you can just go 0mg Nictone and just vape for NO FAT CANDY!!!!!

Ciggeret chemicals ARE NOT INSIDE YOUR BODY.. this is ware the RISK IS.. CHEMICALS your body has NO IDEA.. what to do with..

EPIC difference here..
as long as your Body knows what to do with it.. and it will in Vapings case.. it will handle it FINE.. if it does not in the case of Cigarettes or Alcahaul.. Or say Meth.. YOU ARE NOT OK!!!!

You would be supper critical at all the things your body can do..
let me teach you my logic behind this..
from the lungs or the gut..or however it is processed into the blood by say your body or human means.. as long as human means work for it.. if your smart enough.. which your hardly perfect..
Notice how you can just put stuff in your blood like say Psychiatric drugs or stuff.. these are chemicals that damage your body.. but you can put water in your blood.. and guess what happens.. your hydrated.. Nice.. thing is.. Taking it in by the longs and it goes to the blood.. perfectly fine..

as long as it allways ends up in the blood.. and never gets built up someware.. like cholesterol.. hahahaha which leads to high blood pressure.. and we all know why.. because it narrows your blood flow.. jesus right? Butter.. and fats.. You know god told you not to EAT THAT FAT.. but you guys think it tasts so good.. I kind of hate it but i can see the appeal..
Then its safe.. But if it builds up you know it leads to problems!

what is the difference between me and you to Albert Enestine! nothing.. only yourself! look at you! rise above yourself!
(energy equals everything squared!
sovereign light! fallow the path of light or descend!
Post Mon Sep 28, 2015 5:47 pm
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Thank you guys for your great writing here about e-cigarettes. I also know that e-cigarettes isn't smoking. But it's work as an alternative of smoking. And I am doing this over 2 years. The same flavor and taste in it while smoking I got the real pleasure. If you like to get more ideas about e-cigarettes visit the webpage https://www.blacknote.com/store/

Hope that help. And will be able to work better as an alternative of smoking. Smile
Post Sun Dec 04, 2016 2:24 pm
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There will be always thousands contraditions around vaping; there are millions people who enjoy it much, and also thousands of those who hate vapers and even find vaping dangerous. I guess we should turn to the latest studies and what they say about vaping: vaping is safer than smoking, your environment and you will never smell of smoke, when it comes to flavors, there are virtually endless options to choose in e-juice, the price of this joy is very affordable, vaping kits are available everywhere and you don't need any special experience to start vaping. I personally like vapmod from https://gypsyvapes.com/vapmod-magic-710-380mah-battery very much, I recommend every vaper to pay attention to this provider.
Post Thu Jan 17, 2019 6:14 pm
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Thanks for writing here about e-cigarettes.

observations and solutions for cable companies
Post Fri Nov 01, 2019 10:57 am
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I think it is bad too... If you want to quit smoking, I think you should take some medicine which will help you. Have a look at those options from eDrugStore.com maybe. I am sure that you will like it for you
Post Sat Nov 28, 2020 8:20 am
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