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vertical weed barrier

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vertical weed barrier  Reply with quote  

I have an allotment and the grass paths around it have a lot of couch grass. I would like to put a vertical root/weed barrier in the ground between those paths and my vegetable plot in order to avoid having these weeds constantly coming back into my plot. I read another post advising to dig a trench but that is not an option for me. Would a simple polythene sheet put vertically in the ground do the trick? What other solutions are there in your opinion.. at the lowest price?
Post Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:12 pm
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I doubt that a barrier will stop it, it is a very persistent weed, capable of going under/over/thru. IMO, a systemic root killer, such as Roundup, sprayed precisely on the path surface (use a vertical panel that yoo can move as you spray) to avoid over-spray onto crop.
Post Mon Jun 25, 2018 9:07 pm
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The need for weed fabric can be eliminated by turning the soil over, which smothers the weeds and seeds by burial. I have done this many times and it is a lot of work. Herbicide can be used to kill the existing vegetation (without turning the soil), however weed seedlings may still be a problem for a number of years using only this method. A surface weed barrier would also be unnecessary for a new garden bed made by laying weed free sand, gravel, growing mix, etc. over the existing soil. It still is beneficial to use some sort of membrane to prevent the growing medium and native soil from mixing. This membrane will also help prevent any weeds that are capable of pushing through the thick layer of growing medium from emerging. Another reason I like weed fabric is because it helps keep my garden plants from growing into access corridors I use for maintenance or to cross a bed. The weed fabric helps keep them in place. They will still creep under the fabric and try to invade their neighbor's space, but it is easier to remove these few stems when the space where spread can occur is limited.
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Post Thu Jun 28, 2018 11:39 am
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Never heard about natural weed barrier before, need to google this info, but .. is this legal? If I am not mistking, Medical Marijuana is the only legal cannabis product, and some cannabis oil, cosmetics, cremes and even candles. Just curious ..
Post Wed Jan 30, 2019 10:14 am
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